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Tips For Purchasing A Bicycle

Ekspres Klassisk Cykler

“These are tips you can use whether purchasing the bike from us or a competitor. Our number one priority is that you are safe and happy while riding. ”

Check the Brakes.

Make sure you have both a front brake and a back brake.

Make sure the breaks are tight enough to quickly stop the bike, but not so tight that they rub on the tires when not braking.

Check that the chain is not loose or rusted.
Check the Tires.

Spin them 360 degrees and look for bald spots in the tread.

Spin them and make sure that the wheels spin correctly without wobbling.

Make sure it has both front and back lights.

It is illegal to ride in Copenhagen at night without both front (white) and back (red) lights.

If you purchase removable lights, remember you have to bring them with you every time you go inside somewhere.

Get a quality lock. This is very important in Copenhagen, as bike theft is common.
Get some type of quality guarantee on the bike.
Get some type of service contract that specifically states what will and will not be covered for service and for how long.
Get some type of insurance.

This is also very important for Copenhagen and we can make several recommendations by calling us even if you do not purchase from our store.

They do not require a helmet, however biking can be very dangerous and we do recommend a helmet at all times.
Ride safe and ride happy!

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